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My newest and current project with collaborator Lane Dombois! Three sisters struggle to understand their place in the family now that their parents are gone. The house is left to them. Linden moved out years ago; Marni is getting ready to move out. Our main character Andee is left alone to choose her own path. On a foggy day, alone at dusk, she dives deep into the ocean and doesn't come back up. She has met two humpback whales - mother and calf, Naima and India - on their migration route who guide her on her journey...


Music by Ani Garcia

Book and lyrics by Lane Dombois

This photo was taken during a trip to Asbury Park, NJ.

I took the photo; I do not know the artist.

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Bomba and the Coquí

An original musical about the rambunctious Bomba and her magical coquí, the legendary frog from  Puerto Rico!

Music by Ani Garcia

Book and Lyrics by Ani Garcia & Lou Rodgers

First commissioned by Golden Fleece Ltd. Theater Company. Love and thanks!

Thank you El Museo del Barrio for also giving this show a staged reading!

Illustration by Bora Chung
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Set in modern-day Newark, NJ with roots that trace back to colonial Salvador, Bahia in Brazil; the birthplace of capoeira.  Our young protagonist, Salvador, navigates his world by challenging all  authority - especially his mom. His best friend Victoria doesn't get it and honestly, neither does he.  But something within him is pulling and won't let go. A pang, an itch, a bug: Specifically, a beetle...
In this story we follow Salvador and Victoria through the streets of Newark, NJ while telling the story of capoeira legend Besouro Manganga, a hero outlaw and master capoeirista who many swore could transform into a beetle and fly from his opponents and - most often - the police.
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